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Welcome to Uddingston Grammar School

Virtute Crescam – growing in excellence

  • Please visit our School Updates page for important information.
  • During any school lockdown or weather-based closure, please visit our Working-at-home page for important information.
  • If you are in P7 and are joining us this coming August, please visit our Journey to Uddingston P7 Transition page.
  • For full details about our digital support programme, YouMatter, aimed to improve the wellbeing of our pupils, parents and carers please click here
  • If you are currently an S4-S6 pupil please visit our Career Planning and Opportunities page to complete an important survey
  • If you would like to view a list of online resources that may be suitable for Children & Young People with a Visual Impairment please click here.

A very warm welcome to our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. I do hope that you find the information you are looking for.

A wee bit about me:

I am John McKay and I have been Headteacher here in The Grammar since 2008. Previously I had been a DHT and a PT of Geography in Dalziel High School in Motherwell, and prior to that I was an APT Curriculum in St Margaret’s High School in Airdrie. My first permanent post was as a Geography teacher in Holy Cross High School in Hamilton. Prior to this I was a supply teacher and had a mercifully brief spell in Social Work! I am married and have 4 children and come to school for a rest.

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Mr Wilson

Mr Wilson DHT Senior School S5 & S6

The young people who are with us in S5 and S6 are reaching the final stages of Secondary Education. This year and next will see them make choices regarding University, College, Apprenticeships and Work which they will then, hopefully, move into. Our roll is to support, engage, encourage and celebrate their successes with them. We hope that they find both this year and next stimulating, challenging and rewarding.

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Information updates from Mr Wilson (DHT S5 & S6)

Dear S5 & S6 pupils and Parents / carers,

We will use the website, school twitter account and groupcall to keep you informed of events and activities throughout the year.

Mr Telfer: DHT for S4 pupils and the Service lead for the VST

Mrs McWilliam: DHT for S3 pupils


Welcome to S3 & S4! We wish you the very best in all of your subjects and would encourage you to get involved in clubs, volunteering, in and outside of school, and serving the community that we are a part of - both the school community and the community of the Uddingston area.

The Year Heads for S3 pupils and S4 pupils are:

  • Mr Telfer: DHT - S4 pupils
  • Mrs McWilliam: DHT - S3 pupils

At Uddingston Grammar School the S3 & S4 Depute Head Teachers lead their year group for two years. So, Mr Telfer will take the S4 pupils following their 3rd Year. Mrs McWilliam will lead the new S3 pupils this year, continuing her leadership of this year group from when they were in S2 last year. 


Message from Mr Telfer for S4 pupils:
Welcome to your 4th Year at Uddingston Grammar School. I have enjoyed getting to know you over your 3rd Year, and I am very much looking forward to our journey together through this  your 4th year. There are great learning and life experiences to be had this year, which is your first year in the  Senior Phase, leading to formal qualifications.

Mrs McWilliam and I are very proud of the previous groups of pupils whom we have led, and they have set incredibly high standards for you to follow.

If you need to contact me then please just come and speak with me at the SLT Office, or you can email too. You'll also find me, easily,  in the mornings as I'll be at the S4 Registration Classes, including your own. 

If you are looking for "Harry" (the tiny dog in Mr Telfer's picture) he is one of our local residents' dog who assists in encouraging pupils to get back to school in time for classes.


Message from Mrs McWilliam for S3 pupils:
Welcome to S3! The biggie! You have made your subject choices! The most important year group in the school! Take it seriously, work hard, believe in yourself and be determined to succeed …but don’t stress. Keep lines of communication open and make sure you get the advice, help and support that you need.

mr campbell S1

Ms McGuigan S2

Welcome to Uddingston Grammar School. You are now one of around 1400 young people who come to us from 5 associated Primary Schools; Aitkenhead and Tannochside in North Lanarkshire, and Bothwell, Muiredge and Newton Farm in South Lanarkshire. We are also joined every year by young people from about 15 or so other Primary Schools as well as those joining our Visually Impaired Department. The first 2 years are crucial in your long term future, and we hope you find the school a warm, engaging, stimulating and indeed exciting place to be. Welcome to your new home.

Mr Campbell (DHT) and Ms McGuigan (DHT)

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S1/S2 Information updates from Mr Campbell DHT and Ms McGuigan DHT

Dear S1/S2 pupils and Parents / carers, If you have any enquiries at all regarding anything from attendance to the curriculum, school trips to uniform, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the school and we will be pleased to help. If you have any enquiries at all regarding anything from attendance to the curriculum, school trips to uniform, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the school and we will be pleased to help.  S2 timeline to subject choices!         
August - Christmas - impress your carers and guardians as well as your teachers with your approach, attitude and commitment to your work   January to February -speak with your Pupil Support teacher, your classroom teachers, your carers and guardians as we get ready to make subject choices
After the Careers IDL, the Parents Evening, the Careers fair, go home and think - you will be interviewed by your Pupil Support teacher and then it is time to hand in your choice forms.
After the SQA exams, you will start in S3 - good luck everyone! 


The Grammar operates a vertical House Group structure, with young people following a House Group (named after Scottish Islands) under the guidance of a Principal Teacher of Pupil Support throughout the 4,5 or 6 years they are here with us. Our role is to be the adult who knows the most about the young person, from their background and family circumstances, to their journey through learning and the direction they wish to head in after school. We are the Child Protection team in the school and the immediate contact between home and school. We are also the Support for Learning Team in the school, providing direct support to young people and carers, as well as guidance for staff to ensure all young people achieve their best. All of our Principal Teachers can be contacted directly by carers / guardians regarding their youngster, as indeed can I, at any time.


visual impairment

Uddingston Grammar School is proud to be the home of the South Lanarkshire Secondary Service for Visually impaired youngsters. We work across all the secondaries in both North and South Lanarkshire, coordinating the education of all Visually impaired young people in the Secondaries in Lanarkshire, as well as managing the Early Years provision for pre-school infants. we work alongside our Primary partner, Knowetop, in North Lanarkshire to ensure that all young people with a Visual impairment can access a full, stimulating, challenging and rewarding curriculum. Within Uddingston Grammar School itself, we support pupils with their vision needs and this includes Braille users and those who require assistive and digital technologies to access the curriculum and learning. Pupils are supported by their peers in the wider school by a team of teachers led by a Principal teacher of VIT. If you have any questions regarding the service and our provision, please feel free to contact me at the school.

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Mr Telfer: DHT Inclusion & Vision Service Manager
Mrs Morris: PT VIT

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